Coughs, Colds and Bees: How Honey and Other BEE Products Can Keep our Kids Healthy! with Carly of Beekeeper’s Naturals (HPC: E55)

Coughs, Flu and School Germs, oh my! If cold-and-flu season causes tremors in your heart but you hate the idea of using over-the-counter drugs on your kids just to get through the night, I have great news: The bees got your back. Carly from Beekeeper’s Naturals joins us today to share about the power of nature – she will feed your science geek brain and share SO many practical ideas and uses for bee products (bet you’ve never even heard of some of them!): What beats coughs as effectively as OTC cough meds but with no side effects? Find out about a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal product that you can ingest or use on the skin for coughs, rashes, scrapes, [Read more...]

What’s it Like for a Kid to Get Diagnosed with a Food Allergy? (HPC: E54)

How much does it stink to not be able to eat your favorite foods??!!?? My daughter Leah joins us today for a candid chat about how we discovered her dairy sensitivity about a year ago and what it’s been like since then. (I think we’re both still in denial a little bit which is probably too long to be a healthy grieving reaction!) 🙁 She’ll talk about: What it felt like to do an elimination diet What she noticed first and the big surprise when she tried dairy again :0 How kids teased her for clearing her throat in 4th grade (sheesh, I mean, really kids???) Some good substitutions that made life easier Whether dairy-free ice cream, cheese and yogurt [Read more...]

Could You Live Without Dairy? Why (& How) You Probably Should Try it & How Not to Die Trying (Interview with Sheila Kilbane, MD) (HPC: E53)

Dr. Sheila Kilbane can spot a child with high inflammation walking down the street! But many parents can’t even see it in their own kids – dark circles under the eyes, mouth breathing/snoring, red ears or cheeks, eczema and more. Inflammation is a more prominent problem than most people think (even medical doctors), and it’s causing all sorts of issues for our kids. Are you willing to cut dairy to find out if it would help your kids? This interview will surprise you with how little Dr. Kilbane tests blood and how often she recommends elimination experiments, particularly with dairy! There is a huge difference in a true allergy, an IgE reaction, vs. a sensitivity, IgG. Be sure to watch [Read more...]

Pediatrician Speaks on What Kids Should Eat! (with Dr. Elisa Song) (HPC: E52)

Remember the brilliant Dr. Elisa Song? We last talked about poo with her and today we get to hear about what kids should eat. Um, yes, that’s going backward on the digestive system but bear with us. 😉 We all know that most pediatricians get about 2 hours of nutrition training, which means some of them give food advice and probably shouldn’t and most don’t bother with food at all. But FOOD is the ROOT CAUSE of so much of what ails our kids! Dr. Song goes above and beyond normal MD training with all her holistic background and she’s 150% qualified to tell us a little about our kids’ diets. Today we’ll talk about: What has changed in the [Read more...]

Food is Medicine: No More Waiting for a Diagnosis! (HPC: E51)

If we believe food is medicine, we have to stop waiting for a diagnosis before we do something about it! On today’s edition of The Healthy Parenting Connector, I’ll share a bit of what I challenged a few hundred natural health practitioners to do in their practices two weeks ago from a big stage — the best news is that YOU can implement the same strategies (even better) in your own home starting this very afternoon. WHY do we teach kids to cook now before they’re sick? 1. Prevention using diet (and the confidence that builds) 2. Getting the whole family healthier (strong connections extra bonus) 3. Inspiring and laying the foundation for healthy eating as adults (and how creativity [Read more...]

Kids Cook Homemade Vanilla Pudding (HPC: E50)

What motivates kids to get in the kitchen? Wanting something good to eat and realizing they can make it themselves!! My daughter cuts up all sorts of lovely fruit (melons, apples, peaches) because SHE wants to eat them, and the whole family benefits. She also decided she wanted to make something fun and chose homemade vanilla pudding from my Smart Sweets eBook and learned to make it herself! Get Your Kids in the Kitchen with a Free Lesson One of the other benefits we find when kids know how to cook is an opportunity for service. Because we rarely make food just for one person to eat, there’s a built in generosity in cooking, and it’s important to me and [Read more...]

Speech & Picky Eating: Expert Tips to Help Parents Intro New Foods to Kids (HPC: E49)

Did you know that the way your child eats can affect their speech and vice versa? Melanie Potock is a Speech-Language Pathologist who became a pediatric feeding expert through her experience as a mom of a former picky eater. She uses her SLP expertise to help parents introduce new foods to kids, form healthy eating habits, and really lay the foundation for a lifetime of good nutrition. I’m honored to host her here today in the Healthy Parenting Connector! Here’s what you’ll learn (and more): Why Melanie didn’t agree with the advice her pediatrician gave her about her “picky eater” and strategies she used to successfully infuse joy into the process. The mistake many parents make by skipping 2 of [Read more...]

The Secret to Standing All Day (& Why Kids Should do it at School!) with founder of Juliet Starrett (HPC: E48)

What are your feet doing RIGHT NOW? Are you standing on them? If not…stand up and watch this! I learned so much from Juliet Starrett, founder of one of first 50 CrossFit gyms in America who got passionate about kids’ mobility when she saw a HUGE problem at her daughter’s field day. She launched, a nonprofit dedicated to funding standing desks for schoolchildren, and she’s nearing 100,000 kids standing up all day! Think that sounds crazy? Some parents in those schools do too, but you gotta hear why teachers <3 <3 <3 it and parents all come around eventually. Juliet taught me how to use my standing desk much better than I was already, and we even talked food [Read more...]

Can Mindfulness Make You a Better Parent? (+ Bonus Guided Meditations for Kids!) (HPC: E47)

It seems like there’s always a new health and wellness craze around every corner, and recently we’re hearing a lot about the value of meditation. Athletes are doing it, pro speakers swear by it, actors and actresses can’t believe everyone isn’t doing it yet. But is it too good to be true? Or worse, is it woo woo??? Turns out brain research demonstrates a ton of benefits to meditation, so I asked my fellow stress mastery educator, Lisa Dorval, a therapist and trained Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor, to join us today to sort it all out. We talk briefly about the importance of mindfulness and meditation for children, why meditation ISN’T woo woo and CAN be part of a [Read more...]

Lesson for Kids: How to Make Homemade Caesar Dressing (HPC: E46)

My family eats Caesar dressing at an alarming rate, both on salads and as a dip for raw veggies, but most commercial Caesar is made with soybean oil, highly inflammatory and NO good for us! Today I teach my 10-year-old daughter how to make homemade Caesar dressing since it’s a little bit tricky of a process and I need help keeping up with the family demand. You can learn along with her but be warned – I do a lot of “cheat” measuring! 🙂 Get the written recipe below! Homemade Caesar Dressing Video Timestamps 0:44: Caesar dressing is a little bit trickier than Italian or ranch dressing. Today I’m going to show you and Leah how to make it! 1:07: [Read more...]