Helping Highly Sensitive Children Avoid Meltdowns and Thrive in Uncertain Times (HPC: E83)

Now more than ever, it’s highly risky to be a “highly sensitive person” — HSPs, children included, are more sensitive to stress and threats, and boy do we have a lot of both of those flying around. HSPs really feeeeeel all the pain that others are going through and want to help, but that isn’t always good for the HSP themselves. And HSCs may actually manifest with physical symptoms, mysterious illnesses, and unexplained behavior issues simply because they can’t process their stress well enough. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Snacks Kids can Make I recorded this interview with Dr. Pejman Katiraei, an expert in finding root causes of some of the most severe kids’ behavioral issues, last fall, but it’s more important [Read more...]

Fun Activities For Kids Stuck At Home (with a healthy dose of Sabbath rest)

journal tea feet up in slippers Time at home with kids? Omgoodness we MUST need something to do!!! I often think of America as a country of excess. That has played out in both good and bad ways in times of crisis. Excess buying of toilet paper – not so attractive. Excess sharing of encouragement, grace, and activities for homebound families – so well-intentioned and sweet and generous and giving…. But yet already, I think we parents, stuck at home with our kids for the next few weeks or months, are overwhelmed with those good intentions. We almost have too much to do, too many suggestions, and it begins to add to our stress instead of taking it away as was the original intent. My team [Read more...]

What is a Highly Sensitive Person? (& How to Help Them Thrive in Times of Crisis) (HPC: E82)

Ever heard of a Highly Sensitive Person? We’re 15-20% of the population, which means it’s just a trait difference, not a disorder — which means there’s a reason the world needs HSPs (and HSCs, Highly Sensitive Children). But that doesn’t make it easy to be one! Here’s your introduction to what a Highly Sensitive Person is, including: How senses play into high sensitivity How emotions play a role Other features of HSPs Negative ramifications for HSPs and HSCs The awesome gift of being highly sensitive and what HSPs bring to the world In a time of crisis, how can we help HSPs and HSCs in our life thrive? This topic was planned months before “sudden homeschooling” and the coronavirus pandemic [Read more...]

How to Sharpen Knives for Kids (and Why?) (HPC: E81)

Yes, we let kids use sharp knives! In fact, sharp knives are much safer than dull knives, because you don’t need as much pressure, therefore there’s less of a chance the knife will slip and hit something it shouldn’t. In today’s tutorial video, my kids and I demonstrate 3 different kinds of knife sharpeners, all very affordable and easy to use. Check out how easily the knives sliiiiiide through tomatoes when we’re finished!! Find these sharpeners and all our favorite kids’ kitchen tools on our resources page. (They’re also linked in the text below.) The goal is to get kids involved, not spend too much, and keep everyone safe and building confidence. Let me know if you try sharpening your [Read more...]

Better Gut Health for Kids with “Buddies in my Belly” Creator Sarah Morgan (HPC: E80)

Have you ever tried to explain to a child how their gut microbiome works and impacts their health? Here at Kids Cook Real Food, I’m a huge proponent of teaching our kids about their food: how it affects them, where it comes from, how to make it, what different nutrients do, all the things! Joining me today is Sarah Morgan who has written a fantastic book to teach even very young children how they can take care of the “buddies” in their bellies to support their overall health. Sarah and I talk about: Each of the probiotic “buddies” and what they do in the body Practical things we can DO to improve our kids’ gut health Whether or not kids [Read more...]

Finding Nutrient Balance for Kids and Busy Families with Jess Donovan, Naturopath (HPC: E79)

Want to hear from a naturopath from down under? Jess Donovan, with her lovely Aussie accent, shares all sorts of goodness with us today on the Healthy Parenting Connector, like: favorite immunity-boosting foods to recommend to busy families the best way to get probiotics integrated into your family common nutrient deficiencies in kids (and what you can do to seek the best balance) food allergy management, whether the allergy is IN your family or just around you how mom’s health may be related to her kids’ And so much more! Jess is also hosting an online masterclass on Gut health on March 3rd where you’ll discover 3 PROVEN ways to TRANSFORM your Kids GUT HEALTH to improve their behavior, fussy [Read more...]

Kids Learn REAL Texas Barbeque (HPC: E78)

When you start cooking early in the afternoon and have a professional firefighter running the pit…Mmmmm, mmmm, BEST meat we’ve ever tasted! Watching this video that my 14-year-old son Paul edited for us brings tears to my eyes, a smile to my face, and joy to my heart. It’s so special to connect with friends around food! Last summer we had an incredible opportunity to travel as a family around a big part of the U.S., and we’d like to share one of our favorite moments with you: learning REAL Texas barbeque from our friends, the Branch family, who do this competitively! I’m blessed to have gone to high school with Mrs. Branch, and we had the most special time [Read more...]

Why HOW You Feed Your Kids is More Important Than WHAT You Feed Them: Eating Styles (HPC: E77)

Why is my child holding all that food in his mouth? Just chew! Why does she play with her food for so long? Just eat! Why am I unsatisfied after certain meals? They’re perfectly healthy and filling! Mary Voogt, feeding expert and food allergy aficionado, joins us today to explain how she discovered the 4 Eating Styles and how they impact family dinners with less stress and better nutrition. You’ll hear her story of each of her children challenging everything she thought she knew about feeding children and learning to eat, and that the “HOW” finally opened up a whole new world of success (and nourished children). From picky eaters to kids running around the table, it turns out there’s [Read more...]

The Impact of “The ONE Thing” in Parenting (HPC: E76)

Could you choose “one thing” to do each day? “One” primary goal for your kids? Find out how “The One Thing” business and productivity philosophy relates to parenting successful children, and let’s start the conversation: What’s your “one thing” for your kids? I thought of applying this business strategy to parenting when I interviewed Michelle Anne about being a calm mom and mindful discipline. Check out her Healthy Parenting Connector interview, her “one thing” goal for her kids’ lives and how she tries to tackle “one thing” every day. No time to watch the whole video? Here are the notes! One Thing Video Time Stamps 0:13: Today we’re going to talk about a philosophy called “the one thing.” I started [Read more...]

Science Gives Parents the Solution for Picky Eaters (Part 2 with Dr. Kay Toomey) (HPC: E75)

“Eating is the hardest thing kids will ever do.” What?!?! Have you ever thought about what we do 5x/day like this? Dr. Kay Toomey was the MOST fascinating interview I’ve ever done, and it ran so long, we had to cut it in two pieces for you! Be sure to catch part 1 here all about the difference between picky eaters and problem feeders. If you think you have a picky eater, this part of the interview will help you understand WHY your kids are so wiggly at dinner, the special chair that could make all the difference, and more practical tips for kicking picky eating to the curb. According to Dr. Toomey, it takes real intentionality to help your [Read more...]