Why “My Kid is Acting Crazy” Might be PANS/PANDAS with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge (HPC: E102)

Some doctors say the whole idea of PANS/PANDAS is a hoax. But when you talk to practitioners who have brought children back to being themselves again after late-onset ADD, unexplained rages or mental confusion that no one can diagnose — it’s clear that this mental and physical diagnosis is not only real but a miracle for many families. FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Foods that Fight Depression I sat down with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a rockstar pediatric psychologist, to get the scoop for you on what PANS/PANDAS looks like, and why it might be the root cause of a host of very strange and concerning symptoms. We’ll cover: What PANS/PANDAS is and how it differs from other behavioral and physiological struggles kids [Read more...]

Getting to the Root of Chronic Inflammation and Disease in Kids with Dr. Madiha Saeed (HPC: E101)

White sugar is ubiquitous in our society and wreaking havoc on our health. I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Madiha Saeed, M.D.. In this interview we get into: How refined sugar causes inflammation Why inflammation is the root of so many diseases affecting modern humans The insulin resistance problem FREE: Reading Nutrition Labels Worksheet The difference between white, refined sugar and natural sugars when it comes to our health The importance of gratitude to our overall health I guarantee you or someone you know is battling one of these diseases caused by white sugar, and I bet the doctor isn’t calling it out as a root cause. You’ll be educated and uplifted by this interview — you can’t [Read more...]

Why Tech Time Has Nothing to Do With a Timer: Screen Time for Teens and Older Kids (HPC: E103)

If parents worried about too much screen time for kids and teens before the pandemic, we all know that the questions have increased. If my child is doing distance learning all day, is that too much screen time? Should I limit their screen use outside of school? What is the appropriate amount of screen time for a child of a certain age? There is no parenting handbook for this. We can’t simply do what our parents did, because it’s a whole new world. It was already a whole new world before COVID-19 hit, because our parents barely had to figure out what to do with one computer in the house. Most of our kids probably have multiple devices in their [Read more...]

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Soaked Whole Grain Pancakes

Breakfast with the kids! We started last night to “soak” our very favorite pancake recipe and want to show you how flexible cooking can be. Don’t have whole wheat flour? White AP flour, gluten-free, spelt, etc have all worked in this recipe! FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 Foods that Fight Depression Running out of milk or worried you might? Swap for water instead (what we demonstrate) — they won’t be quite as fluffy but still uh-mazing because of the secret ingredient and cool science reaction your kids will love (think “volcano experiment” and you get the gist). Be sure to note in the video how I help my 5yo “guide” to new skills, including his first time cracking eggs! 🙂 Can’t view [Read more...]

The Secret to Making “Talking” an Effective Parenting Strategy (And How Story Creates Resilience Safely) (HPC: E100)

We hear “kids are resilient, they’ll be ok,” a LOT, especially lately. This conversation with Marcy Pusey, a Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner, opened MY eyes to the fact that perhaps…they’re not. I thought we’d just be talking about the power of story, kind of a cute, sweet idea to share with you that some people might enjoy. Turns out we got to talk about the language behind “online learning” and why it’s totally wrong and harmful, how a global pandemic puts us all into a potential state of trauma, and vital habits every family needs to adopt for good mental health — especially now. FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 Ways to Build Brain Resilience Get your brain ready to be fascinated, [Read more...]

The Kids Cook Real Food Approved List of Healthy Snacks for Kids

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been connecting with a lot of parents and listening to their biggest concerns around food. Particularly when I was presenting on how to raise more adventurous eaters and reduce picky eating power struggles for families, busy moms kept asking for a list of healthy snacks for kids. In our Kids Cook Real Food members-only Facebook group and even from a podcast host who was interviewing me, I was getting the same question: Katie, don’t you have a list somewhere of good ideas for easy, healthy snacks for kids? I admit that may have been one of the few times I was speechless. 😉 Of course, I want to help parents and kids find healthy snack [Read more...]

Cooking Video for Kids: Crowd Pleasing Hamburger Soup with Pickles!

This recipe is my kids’ ultimate favorite, but a big tip: It’s ALL about the pickles!!! Cheeseburger soup (or “hamburger soup” as we call it now since we add cheese at the table b/c one of us is dairy-free) truly tastes like a bowl full of cheeseburger, but you don’t need 3 pounds of meat to feed a family! This is a huge recipe and you’ll definitely eat it for multiple meals. If your kids are learning sharp knife skills, soup is a GREAT way to practice, and everyone loves leftovers right now since we’re all home to eat them! FREE DOWNLOAD: Kid Friendly Recipes The whole family really helped here: 14-year-old Paul demos his chef’s knife skills with many [Read more...]

School Psychologist Turns Sleep Specialist and How to Solve Your Family’s Sleep with Dr. Whitney Roban (HPC: E99)

I’ve never had trouble sleeping…until this year. 🙁 It could be the bane of 2020, could be because I turned 40, or maybe because I was getting more sleep in quarantine, I wasn’t constantly overtired. Who knows? The thing is…I know I’m not alone. Sleep had already been becoming a holy grail for a lot of busy Americans of all ages, and the events and stress of 2020 haven’t helped. FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 Ways to Build Brain Resilience I knew we needed Dr. Whitney Roban with her unique blend of experience as a school psychologist and now sleep specialist to help us help our families sleep better. In today’s interview, you’ll learn: How much sleep various ages actually need Why [Read more...]

Cooking Video For Kids: Whole Wheat Happy Rolls :)

Never made yeast dough before? It’s hard to mess this up, promise! I may have even added a bit too much and they were still very very good! You’ll learn the science behind yeast and how gluten works too because we love integrating all the subjects here at Kids Cook Real Food! FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 Ways to Build Brain Resilience Watch 5yo Gabe learn to crack eggs with the “guide” step we teach in our Kids Cook Real Food eCourse! You’ll even learn a new “big word” to increase your vocabulary today. Grab your kids and enjoy. 🙂 Can’t view the video? Watch it here on YouTube. Homemade Whole Wheat Roll Recipe Ingredients 4 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (any [Read more...]

Routines vs. Flexibility in Chores and Batch Cooking HPC: E98

Some organizing and parenting bloggers say you can’t survive without a routine. They have fancy charts and timetables, and they totally stress me out! On the other hand, it’s TRUE that I can’t survive without a routine — of some sort. Mine just has to have a good dose of flexibility built in to fit my personality. Today I wanted to share some of the strategies we’ve implemented in our family to share responsibility and chores since quarantine hit: Our initial “code red” chore system so Mom and Dad didn’t go nutso with 4 kids home all day, every day while we tried to work Our summer “household manager” strategy that shifted more responsibility to the kids, since they had [Read more...]