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Busy Parents: Your Kids Can Master Basic Baking Skills!

Kids Baking Challenge

Take the Kids Baking Challenge:

Level Up Healthy Baking Knowledge (ages 5+)

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We’ve helped 19,065 families teach their kids to cook…you could be next!

Ever Heard This in Your Household?

  • “Nah, I don’t want to help with dinner…”
  • “Mom, can I bake a dessert?”
  • “Kids, quit fighting over who gets to add the chocolate chips, there’s enough for everyone to have a turn!”

If you worry that your kids just want to bake sweets…

…and that’s not good for your waistline (or anyone’s health)…

How can you get the kids involved in the kitchen AND avoid compromising your healthy goals?

Maybe just this once…give them what they want?

Baking with proper training can be a great gateway to picking up a chef’s knife or sauteeing green beans.

(Especially if the teacher sneaks in healthy notes about reducing sweetener and adding veggies to baked goods!)

mother and child decorating cupcakes

Amy L., mom of 5, said that having her kids in the kitchen stressed her out.

“I’d probably have kept kicking them out of the kitchen until they were 15!” she wrote.

With help from Kids Cook Real Food, Amy now enjoys

  • one child who loves baking
  • another who takes over breakfast, and
  • a 4-year-old who has become the dinner sous chef.

Baking doesn’t have to be the end –

Make dessert first, and maybe your kids will be tempted to stay for the main course. 😉

Our Kids Baking Challenge Will:

  • Teach foundational baking skills
  • Engage the brain in science
  • Encourage healthy upgrades and reducing sugar

What’s Included?

measuring dry ingredients

Lesson Video: Foundations of Baking (Measuring and Stirring)

You’ve seen the “Pinterest Fail” photos when adults haven’t mastered the fine art of measuring exactly and stirring to a uniform mixture. Moms tell me they’re learning new strategies for flour along with their kids!


measuring and stirring pumpkin muffin recipe

Demo Video: Pumpkin Muffins

Our goal is to empower kids to make a recipe “all by themselves,” and this very allergy friendly, failproof recipe is a great start!  (Bonus Video: “How to Read a Recipe Well”)


oven safety

Skill Video: Oven Safety


rolling dough

Demo Video: Homemade Tortillas

I hear you saying, “Katie, tortillas aren’t exactly baking.” We’re all about skills here, not recipes — so your kids will learn how to cut fat into flour and roll dough, which applies to pastry crusts and sugar cookies just as well!


Skill Video: Mess-Free Egg Cracking


stirring ingredients

Demo Video: Pumpkin Pie Bars

Kids learn additional skills of separating eggs, making egg white meringue, and reducing the sweetener in recipes. 


salt yeast butter

TWO Interactive Sessions: Exploring the Science Behind Baking (Salt, Leavening, Yeast, and Butter)

These investigations will get your kids’ brains buzzing with science! Predict, query, and learn!

If they want to bake anyway, they may as well learn it properly AND get encouragement toward healthier upgrades. 

You get to work in the kitchen WHENEVER you want to, at your own pace, and access to the videos won’t expire:


How it Works:

1. Quick Prep

  1. I’ll send the grocery list immediately after joining the challenge.
  2. Start with the basic measuring/stirring training, no groceries needed. (Ninja flour measuring language included!)
  3. Choose when you cook together – at your own pace!

2. Science Lessons

Enjoy science investigations to explore:

  • Why salt is so important in baking
  • What baking soda and baking powder do in your recipe
  • The science of yeast and fat
  • Questions kids will WANT to answer!

3. Bake Together

  • Choose to bake our recipes or find your own that fit the same skill.
  • Enjoy incredible food baked by your kids!

Take the Kids Baking Challenge

Kids Baking Challenge

  • 7 professionally filmed and edited videos so that your kids learn foundational skills they need to master baking
  • Investigative video explorations of the science behind baking so that your child’s brain is engaged too! 

For the prize of a Costco half sheet cake…

Or 19 cupcakes with inch-thick blue frosting from Meijer…

For less than the cost of one month of a cooking subscription box…

Or about half the price of a department store cooking class…

You can empower your kids with baking mastery (including vegetables).

Take the challenge for just $19 (regularly $35 video set):


(Virtual cooking classes are running between $20-65 right now too, for just an hour!)

THIS is the time to do something that your kids will remember (and use) forever!

This is your year to transform baking from a family memory (good) to life skills and independence training (great!).

We Want All the Proud Grandmas to be Saying:

facebook comment

Make social media a positive place to build your kids’ confidence.

Life Skills Starting Young

4-year-old baked homemade pumpkin muffins

Mom says: “Learning some life skills today so she can support us in our old age Whole wheat pumpkin muffins for the win today.”

And how about Lily, age 5, who mad the same muffins all by herself at Grandma’s house?

child baker with pumpkin muffins

Grandma said: “She has enjoyed learning new things that allow her at 5 to bless her family with good food.”

The pumpkin muffins are what we demonstrate inside the member videos!

Will They Even do Dishes?

kid bakers with a flag cake and muffins

These boys did! And they each made their own creation with NO help from Mom!

No More Fighting…No More Failed Food Experiments…

Bake with a Purpose!


Kids ages 5 and up, with more supervision and help below age 8. We expect ages 8 and up should be able to do almost everything, including the oven, by themselves. (If you have younger children and are looking for something just for them, try our mini-course for littles!)
Your family can work through the lesson videos at your own pace, and  you might plan on abut 6-8 hours total for all the lessons.
Access never expires. You can login the day you complete your purchase and work at your own pace.
As long as you’ve given the classes a try, as demonstrated by progress in the member area, if the baking skills (or perhaps ingredients in the recipes) really don’t work for your family, we’re happy to refund your purchase price anytime during the first two weeks.
I assure you that safety is a top priority in the lessons and videos, and we teach oven safety in a way that makes parents and kids extremely comfortable. There’s no guarantee that accidents won’t happen, but walking carries some risk too, yet we all manage to do it and let our kids do it as well. 😉
We keep things pretty simple around here, but for planning purposes, to make all the recipes, you’d need a mixing bowl, muffin tins, stand or hand mixer, glass casserole dish (any size), rolling pin, skillet or griddle, and average kitchen supplies like measuring cups and spoons.
The videos are not downloadable, but the PDF plans and recipes are, so you can keep them forever.
Kids Cook Real Food has always been very allergy-friendly, and this challenge is set up so that your kids can learn the skills and choose their own recipes. If you want to use each recipe as written, one does include gluten (tortillas), and one includes eggs (pumpkin pie bars).
My team and I are here for you and answer emails within about 6 hours on weekdays. Shoot us a note at [email protected]

14 Day Money Back GuaranteeSuccess Guarantee:

If you take the challenge and it really doesn’t work for your family, you may ask for a refund anytime during the first two weeks.

We will look for you to have been active in the dashboard, as this is TOO important to simply “change your mind.”

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