Back to School Meal Planning Tips from Jessica of 6 O’clock Scramble (HPC: E02)

Wondering how to keep kids eating nutritious food during the crazy back-to-school time?

Jessica Braider of the 6 O’Clock Scramble joins me today to dish out magic tricks (and simple tips) for breakfast, snacktime, dinners and all things meal planning. You CAN keep your kids eating healthy (and being involved in the process) even when they’re at school or homeschooling all day. Here’s how!

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Back to School Meal Planning Tips Video Time Stamps

  • 0:14: How the 6 O’Clock Scramble and meal planning helps busy families.
  • 1:08: Jessica shares her healthy eating journey
  • 1:50: How Jessica started the 6 O’Clock Scramble.
  • 3:10: What does Jessica’s family eat?

My goal is really to make my house a place where people can come and gather around the table and see how delicious healthy food can really be. -Jessica Braider

  • 5:16: Jessica worked one-on-one as a health coach with many individual families before starting her meal planning service. The two biggest common struggles she has witnessed in the families she has worked with are lack of time and confidence.

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  • 6:33: One of Jessica’s favorite analogies is that learning to cook is like learning to drive a car. All of the information can be so overwhelming at first, but over time it becomes more natural and eventually maybe even fun!
  • 7:34: You can be more confident in your cooking abilities just by believing you can do it!
  • 8:22: Why one of Jessica’s beginner favorites is a skillet pasta sauce to boost kitchen morale.

Inspirational quote about food relationships

  • 9:44: We get into the back-to-school season!
  • 10:22: Jessica’s recommendations for nutritious and easy school lunches. Her top two tips are using leftovers from dinner and batch cooking.
  • 12:06: Getting your kids to help pull together their own lunches is life changing! Jessica shares how she guides her kids, teaching them about what a balanced lunch looks like and then trusting them to make their own choices.

Inspirational quote about kids packing their own lunch

  • 15:11: Learn how you can view your child’s lunchbox as a communication tool between the two of you using Katie’s rule “everything goes home.”
  • 17:11: Let’s talk mornings! Even when you have lunches packed at night, you still need to get kids fed and out the door in the morning. Jessica does a lot of make ahead breakfasts at her house. She has made it a part of their weekly routine to batch cook breakfasts so that she has an on-going stock pile of breakfast foods in her freezer.

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  • 20:13: Jessica shares all the details about the 6 O’Clock Scramble meal planning service and how it helps busy families simplify healthy dinners.
  • 21:52: Here’s one feature of the 6 O’Clock Scramble recipes that will particularly appeal to Kids Cook Real Food parents!
  • 23:30: Before wrapping up, we touch on snacks. Jessica likes to keep acceptable snacks at kid level. She also has a rule that in the hour and a half before dinner, only fruits and vegetables are allowed for snacking.
  • 25:56: We chat about providing the types of healthy foods you want your kids eating and letting them learn balance and quantity by choosing their own snacks,

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Back to School Meal Planning Tips

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