Stuck at Home? Great News!

Now is Your Chance to Cook with Your Kids!

They’ll remember this time the rest of their lives…and if you do it right, they’ll know how to cook from now until forever too.



Our gift to you: Try our video cooking class made just for kids ages 2 to teen for 14 days! (and only $19 for 2 months!)

Join 13,018 Other Families As We Teach Your Kids to Cook

Here’s the thing:

I know in our normal lives it’s tough to find time to spend with your kids in any way, especially doing something productive like teaching cooking skills.

And maybe you’re not very comfortable in the kitchen yourself, because you were never taught when you were young! You are definitely not alone.

But we’ve been given this gift of time together AND need to cook at home more than ever, so it really is the perfect time to build life skills in your kids, connect powerfully around healthy food, and make memories for a lifetime.


Buy One, Give One

The moment you sign up, we’ll send you a special gift to give to a family in your life who might not be receiving a paycheck during this pandemic (or maybe who was down on their luck already). As long as you keep your membership, they keep theirs.

Our mission really is to get as many kids and families cooking as possible, and we’re hoping that’s one of many silver linings your family is grateful for as we move through uncertain days.


– Join 13,018 Other Families –

As We Teach Your Kids to Cook

Still Have Questions about the eCourse?

I have answers for you! Email support if you have any questions that aren’t answered here.

You bet.

Our classes were always designed to build skills, not just follow recipes, so you can use food you already have at home and favorite family dishes.

We’ll teach your kids proper measuring and stirring so they can bake the muffins they’re always begging to try, how to be safe at the stove so they can help make breakfast while you’re all home together, and we even have lessons on cooking dry beans and rice, two foods that are suddenly in the “cool kids” circle again!

We’ve created a special “Making it Work” jump-start list to help you:

  1. Pick and choose the most essential lessons for basic skills, even if they’re out of our normal order.
  2. Avoid classes that require fresh produce if that’s not something you have around in this time.
  3. Choose substitute ingredients for our very flexible recipes so that you can follow along with the videos (if you aren’t already using your own recipes) even if you’re missing a few items.

We’re even adding a special bonus that we’ve never done before for a free trial or short-term membership — temporary access to our VIP Facebook group ($19.95 value) to interact with other moms, brag on what your kids are making, and ask questions about substitutions or whether a class is right for your child’s age.

Kids Cook Real Food Video Course Curriculum Map Integrations

Preview the Curriculum Map

  • Logically organized skill progression
  • Looping skills create natural practice opportunities (so you don’t have to think about it)
  • Designed for busy families: all ages 2-teen coordinate to make something to eat!

View the curriculum map.

With a plan for your cooking lessons and the thinking done ahead of time, you’ll be able to engage with your kids, enjoy yourself, and watch them blossom.

We’ll include a special list of how families may want to tackle classes out of order while “suddenly homeschooling” during social distancing time, to omit some fresh produce in case you don’t have it and build truly the basic skills more quickly.

Plus you’ll love the mini science lessons that pop into our classes to keep your kids’ brains from turning to mush! 😉

You’ll pay the $19 right away, because no one likes surprise charges on their credit card after a free trial. I won’t keep your card number in any way. But your 2-month membership will not begin until the end of the two weeks, and during that time you can simply click the link for a refund in your membership site, or email customer service at any time with your request. We want you to be totally comfortable with your purchase, and as soon as your kids gain a skill and feel competent in the kitchen, their confidence will increase and they will want to do more!
Yes! The beauty of this course is that it was totally designed to be family-friendly. I taught six children, two at each level, at the same time for almost every lesson. There are special “teaching multiple children” sections in the course materials to give you ideas on the order in which to present skills so that one age level can be practicing while you are working with another age level.

For almost every class, you’ll be able to juggle 2 or 3 age levels at the same time. And what they make usually ends up coming together to make one meal or snack that everyone can enjoy! See the Curriculum Map for the intricate module integrations to see what your kids might do!

Maybe. The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is a multimedia online course designed to help adults teach kids to cook (it doesn’t have to just be parents). Although older children could watch the videos on their own before working in the kitchen, it’s not intended to be fully self-study. An adult should always be involved once children are using knives, hot stoves and more.

If your kids have experience in the kitchen, however, and you’re comfortable with them working while you’re simply nearby working on something of your own, I know there are members who have done this successfully with older kids.

My team and I are here for you and answer emails within about 6 hours on weekdays. Shoot us a note at [email protected]

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